Behind the Scenes – Fire and Agate

I have to let you in on a little secret.  There is a real story behind Fire and Agate.  A friend of mine is a social worker here in Carlisle and this spring, she helped with the care, housing, and eventual relocation back to their families of 20 women who had been trafficked into this country.  I will say that they were even more traumatized than I made Pavle in the story.  But I didn’t want to make Fire and Agate too dark.

When my friend told me the story of some of these women I got so angry.  I didn’t sleep for days and when I did, I dreamed of them.  So I think all of them got wrapped up in Pavle.  I purposely gave Pavle a backbone of steel.  I didn’t want him to be completely broken and I wanted him to want to be loved.  After all this is a romance.  But I struggled with quite a bit in this story because I struggled with the fact that little Carlisle could have so many women in need like that.  It just goes to show that this can happen anywhere.

One thing is for sure, if you want me to write about something, just get me angry and a story will definitely bubble up.

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