Second Chance Later in Life

My husband and I have been married for over 25 years and I can say with certainty that no relationship is perfect or stays the same.  Time, familiarity, age, complacency sometimes distance, work, all take their toll on a relationship, wearing it down like the sea pounding a rock.  It can’t help but be affected.    I know this firsthand because Dominic and my relationship has changed as well.  But after so many years, its easy to fall into a rut and to take the other for granted.

That is why I wrote Second Go Round.  I wanted to show older characters and tell a story about the challenges they face.  Instead of the flush of first love, I wanted to show the bloom and the warmth of falling back into love with the person that’s bene part of your life for what seems like forever.  It takes a lot to get us out of our routines and ruts.  We have to admit that there’s an issue and really want to change it without being willing to just give up.  It takes work and it takes a common goal to bring about change.  Most of all it takes rediscovering the love that was always there, reigniting old passions, and seeing the person we love for who they are.  We all deserve a great love, but without care and nurturing, we can lose the great love through neglect.

Second Go Round is the story of two people finding their way back to their great love and pulling it back from the brink.  I really hope you love it.



Former world champion bronco rider Dustin and rancher Marshall have been life partners for more than twenty years, and time has taken its toll. Their sex life is as dusty as the rodeo ring. Somehow their marriage hasn’t turned out how they planned.
But when a new family moves in up the road with two young boys, one very sick, Dustin and Marshall realize how deep their ruts are and that there might be hope to break them. After all, where they’re from, the most important part of being a man is helping those who need it.

A new common purpose helps break down the deep routines they’ve fallen into and makes them realize the life they’ve been living has left them both cold and hollow. Spending time with the kids—teaching them how to be cowboys—reignites something they thought lost long ago. But twenty years is a lot of time to make up for. Can they find their way back to each other, or are the ruts they’ve created worn too deep?


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