By Fire Anthology

When cantankerous firefighter Dirk Krause gets injured on the job, no one at his firehouse cares enough to visit, so new guy Lee Stockton gets saddled with the task of bringing him a sympathy bouquet. Dirk figures it won’t take much to get Lee to hate him too, but Lee sees right through his attempt to push everyone away and picks his own battle—getting Dirk to stop being a jerk.

Good thing they’re firefighters, because the chemistry between them is explosive. Together they face burning buildings, budget cuts, professional failures, and family drama. If their relationship can survive that, it can survive anything. Right?


Bonus story: Traffic cop Justin Briggs keeps a cool head on the job, but put him in front of a hot guy and it all goes up in smoke. Firefighter Rock Sparks happens to be the hot guy in question. Teasing Justin for being tongue-tied is fun, but when Justin gets injured, everything turns serious. Can Rock get Justin to open up about his past so they can explore a future together?

This anthology contains the following previously published novellas: Redemption by Fire (published by Dreamspinner Press May 2012), Strengthened by Fire (published by Dreamspinner Press August 2012), Burnished by Fire (published by Dreamspinner Press October 2012), and Heat Under Fire (published by Dreamspinner Press March 2013).