Harbor Medical

The Resident’s Choice (Harbor Medical Book 2)

Pediatric residency means long hours, constant pressure, and, occasionally, a patient and her father stealing your heart. Second-year pediatric resident Marty Beyers loves his job and using all his skills to care for the children in the wards. He figures everything he’s seen in his position at Harbor Medical Center has made him ready for anything, but when he meets gorgeous Dennis and his daughter Stephie, he’s finally encountered something he isn’t prepared for: losing his heart to a patient’s father. Dennis gave up everything to raise his sister’s daughter after her death, especially after Stephie fell ill. He has … Continued

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The Resident’s Dilemma

Dr. Rory Milner is just beginning to understand what it takes to survive an ER residency. In his second year, he’s changed programs to gain additional experience. But not only does he need to manage the ins and outs of the ER, Rory also needs to navigate around his brother, a charge nurse, who feels Rory should toe his line, especially when it comes to Garth, one of the ER nurses. As a nurse in the ER, Garth West has pretty much seen it all. But a new resident captures his attention, not only because he’s good-looking, but because Rory … Continued

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