One Good Deed

Luka Krachec immigrates to the United States to find his cousin dead and his cousin’s wife hospitalized after a terrible accident. He meets Peter Montgomery at the funeral. The American seems nice and captures Luka’s attention when he offers to help him with his English.

Peter has spent most of his life believing he shot his father at age six, and his family uses his regret and overwhelming guilt to keep him under their proverbial thumbs.  Peter does his best to make up for what he did by helping others, and agreeing to help Luka with his English yields something amazing when they hit it off.

When Peter opens up to Luka about what happened when he was a child, Luka senses some holes in the story and suspects Peter needs some help, so he approaches the head of the psychology department at the college where he works. Neither expects to open a long-barricaded door to secrets, denial, and family manipulation.


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While there is one good deed that is central to the plot, there is actually more than one, because these are noble men and that’s what noble men do. This is another great story by Andrew Grey. I have no idea how he creates these books that are each unique and never from a cookie cutter formula but I’m so glad he does. Many of his books are my go-to comfort reads and Mr. Grey tops my auto-buy list.

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Andrew Grey delivers a flawlessly designed story yet again. He gently knits together the lives of these two men with a shared past of love and loss. And their only hope of a future together is for them to deal with what they’ve lost in order to be fully open for the love. Luka is a compass for Peter, guiding him through the choppy waters with the hope of bringing him to shore in one piece. There are no ‘type A’ personalities for these characters, they are written as equals and it reads that way within the words and descriptives.

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