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Takoda and Horse

Ever wonder how Horse got his name? A FREE bonus story in The Good Fight Series!

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A Tidbit of Love

“Billy I need you to work tonight,” Darryl said as his partner came into the kitchen of their restaurant.

“I will, but why? We have plenty of people scheduled and I have an appointment this afternoon I can’t miss the boys are coming over,” Billy told him with a very disappointed expression. “I suppose I could cancel, but what’s the problem?”

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Coming Home

“Ivan, I’m home,” Maddoc called as he dragged his bags inside, setting them in a heap in the hallway, too tired to carry them any further. “Where are you?” Nothing, not a sound. Ivan knew the time he’d be home and after 24 hours of flying, he was completely dead on his feet. Thankfully the planes had been on time, so he hadn’t had to wait around in airports. But a fourteen hour flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles topped off with another flight across the country had worn him completely out.

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The Healing

I am broken, wounded, incomplete, and I always have been. For the last ten years, I have been with my Robbie. He is a wonderful, caring, loving, supportive, and somewhat frustrated man. You see in all that time, I have never been able to give myself to him. In fact, I have never been able to give myself to anyone, ever.

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Love Means… Joy

“Geoff,” Eli called as he walked through the barn, the horses sticking their heads out of their stalls probably to see why he was yelling at such an ungodly hour of the morning.

“What is it, Tiger?” Geoff asked as he closed the stall door, smiling at him as he turned. Normally that smile would light up his heart the way it had every day for the past twenty-plus years.

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