Convention Odyssey – Stop 2

In the last week, I have travelled a lot.  The flight from Munich was long and I got to spend only part of a day with Dominic before heading to Baltimore to catch my flight to Tampa.  You all know that I love Dominic.  He’s the center of my life, but I am learning something with all this travel that I didn’t expect.  I need Dominic to keep me sane and from splitting into lots of little pieces.  At these conventions I am not alone and I am with people I care about and who take good care of me.  That isn’t the issue.  I need Dominic, sometimes just his voice, to help keep me from worrying about stupid things.  Anyway, that’s enough of that particular rant.

I am at Rainbowcon in Tampa and I’m having a good time.    The convention runs until noon on Sunday, but I will leave before then to catch my plane.  Then I have a couple of days at come before leaving to go to the RWA conference in New York.  Then once all that is over, I’m home for nearly three weeks and I can recharge my batteries.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

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