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My recent release A Courageous Ride has been betting amazing reviews.  I’m so thrilled that readers and reviewers are enjoying the story.    There is nothing better than when a reader loves a book.  I hope you’ll take a look at the story and if you choose to read it, I hope you love it.


5 Stars from Multitaskingmama – There are two things here that I really liked about this story: the ability of the author to express Marshall’s feelings for Indigo into music and the solid relationship between the two men despite their short time spent together. 


5 Hearts from Mm Good Book Reviews –  What I adore about Andrew Grey and look forward to with every new read is his ability to show vulnerability in his characters. The writing is always steady and the storylines flow like water. Of course, sometimes there is the rise and fall, like a wave.


5 Sweet Peas form Mrs. Condit and Friends Read Books – Andrew Grey really understands the climate and society family ranches in Texas. The drought affects everything from whether they can have a cooking fire while camping to the number of cattle they can raise. The small town atmosphere makes living in New York City as foreign as living in Russia might be to the ranching people, while adapting to not having access to restaurants and vacations is difficult for big city people to accept.


10 Pots of Gold from Rainbow Gold Reviews – This is an emotional story that will grip your heartstrings and keep plucking them throughout.  I will admit that I cried for the latter two-thirds of this book.  Reading and crying can be difficult but it was well worth the emotional response to read the story of how Marshall Harrington, orchestra conductor extraordinaire searching for his first position after graduation, and Indigo Santana, former rodeo bull rider and dude ranch owner, fall in love.


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  1. Eloreen Moon

    Glad everyone is liking it. 🙂

  2. R. Butler

    Loving this series. Will there be more?


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