The Death of My Car

CarAlmost a week ago we got a bad storm and it knocked down the top of one of the trees between the sidewalk and the street.  I actually had a call into a tree service to come out to take a look at it, but mother nature had other ideas.  The crown of the tree broke of and landed on top of my car.  Needless to say my poor Mustang convertible went to car heaven.  The fire department came in and cleared away the tree and branches.  I called a towing company and they cleared away the car.  Everything was going smoothly.Car 1

Then the battle began with the insurance company.  Unfortunately I’m still in that battle at this moment, but on the bright side, I have picked out a new car and I get to pick it up tonight.  Hopefully the insurance company will come to their senses soon and I can put this whole mess behind me.




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