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Title:  To Be A Different Someone

Author: Sean McKissack

Publisher: Torquere Press

Release Date: August 17, 2016

Heat Level: 1 – No Sex

Pairing: Male/Female

Length: 53,000 Words

Genre: Romance, Young Adult,

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James Kane could be summed up in one word: loser. He silently lived as a ghost amongst his parents and he had zero friends at school…unless you count his cousin who had to defend him against the abusive Matt Tracker.

When his parents divorce, James moves to Montana and stays with his grandmother, where he makes an extreme adjustment to his life-becoming a different someone named Jennifer. The transition comes with frightening issues Jennifer never thought of. After two years of recovery, she returns to her old high school to start over but she meets up with her past tormenter and gets caught in a web of secrets as she finds herself falling in love.

Her conscious gets the best of her as she tries to be truthful to Matt about who she once was, but will he accept her as his girlfriend, Jennifer, when she was once his punching bag, James?


“Do I need to blame this on your father?”
“If I had a penny for every time I heard that…”
“I’m not James, I’m Jennifer. I have it on m’license, birth certificate and my school enrollment. Do I have to show you the rest of me to prove it?”
“No, that’s not necessary.”
“It’s not new. I am who I’ve always been”
“No, you used to be named James.”
“I also used to be ‘this close’ to slitting my wrists.”
“I think you need to leave.”


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Meet the Author

Sean McKissack’s ability to view the world around him and find a story and truth enables him to prepare the stage in a reader’s mind for a heart-felt life cinema. His writings epitomize the good and the bad in life, the joys and the pain, culminating in the coming of age and wisdom.

Sean hails from Southaven, Mississippi and he’s always thinking of new stories to write while looking for that perfect cup of coffee.


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