Happy Friday… And Help

Its a week before Christmas and the preparations are coming together.  I have my shopping done, except for one single gift.  I have nothing for Dominic.  Now before you gasp in horror, this is nothing new.  Dominic is the hardest person on earth to buy for.  He has everything.  The kitchen is full to the point where he has to get rid of something if he wants something new.  He has closets full of clothes because he wears everything until it wears out.  (Dominic is still wearing shirts that he had when I met him, decades ago.  And every time I try to buy him something new, it ends up going back, so clothes are completely out)

Other years I have gotten him things for the house.  A couple times he has gotten a painting or s piece f antique glass, but I never found anything this year.  So here it is a week before the holiday and I have nothing.  I’ve been searching for a good gift and keep coming up empty.  So I’m going to ask you for help.  I really need it.  I’d appreciate your suggestions.  You wouldn’t think that smile would hide a real pain in the butt when it comes to gifts, but….



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  1. CJ

    Something he can’t return. A donation in his name to his favorite charity, organization, or cause. He likes to cook so anything food related would be good. Sky is pretty much the limit with this.

  2. Eleanor Ollila

    Oh, my mom is exactly the same – I never know what to buy her. Hopeless!

    Do you need to buy him a specific thing? Couldn’t you buy “an experience”, something the two of you can enjoy together, like a wine/champagne/chocolate/something tasting? Or some activity or other. Bungee jumping? 😉 Or maybe something less risky where you don’t have to watch your husband plummet to the ground – but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

    Good luck with the gift shopping and Merry Christmas to you and your husband!

  3. Lyne Beausejour

    How about a day spa for both of you. Where they offer a nice lunch a duo massage and lots of relaxation. I don’t know how comfortable he would be about that, but things gets forgotten somewhere in the house, as of a day like that stays in your memories.

  4. Robyn

    what about an experience rather than an item? adventure things, or learning things,or indulgence things. A friend got my sister a atour of a truffle farm and a lesson on how to cook with truffles…or there are things like hot air balloons or driving fast or offroad cars, or a walking tour of history….

  5. Sean Michael

    I’ve got a couple ideas for “homemade” stuff.

    Does he like movies? How about a night out? You can make up ‘certificates’ for dinner at a favorite restaurant followed by a movie of his choice. If you’ve got an old DVD/BluRay movie case you could put the certificates in that. You could do this for any type of outing, it wouldn’t just have to be the movies.

    Or you could do a basket full of notes. Each one detailing a memory from your life together. Or a Christmas tin full of coupons — for hugs, for kisses, for you to do a chore he doesn’t enjoy, etc. (or you could combine the two).

    Good luck finding him that perfect gift!


    • Ruby Curtis

      How about arranging time with a chef to maybe teach him to make that one dish he(Dom) has always wanted to try but was leery of trying on his own?

  6. Denise SC

    What about a weekend away for the two of you? A B&B with just a relaxed atmosphere in a town you may not have visited before? Merry Christmas Andrew! Hope to see you again next year! 🙂

  7. Katrina

    If you have a small enough box, how about a dick in a box, (like the skit from SNL)?

  8. Cindy Garzone

    a trip.. somewhere that you have talked about.. but haven’t gone.. a cruise, New Orleans, etc.

  9. Lynne Silver

    Mr. Silver. Is the same. In 20 years of marriage I have yet to buy a good gift for him. Not knowing Dominic well it’s hard to suggest something. I like the weekend away idea something like to New York including theater tickets or to come to DC and the Kennedy Center. Or if he likes to cook maybe cooking classes at a local restaurant. Perhaps focus on an intangible gift rather than something he can hold.

  10. Leah Baxter

    What about a trip to Longwood Gardens? It’s truly magical, especially at Christmas. Also, someone said “spa day,” and Hotel Hershey is a nice experience. Also, for someone who has everything, gourmet foods tend to be appreciated. Does he like pasta? Rossi Pasta (online) has fantastic gift baskets. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  11. Dawn Roberto

    DH is just like that. This year I got him A gift card to indoor racing called Pole Position which he has been wanting to do and we got his brother and SIL a couples massage GC at a spa. Good luck!

  12. Heather

    I was going to say an experience right off. My Mom and Brother have a local beer of the month type club – they have a growler and take it to a different pub/bar every month.
    Check Groupon/Livingsocial – I took my son to Medieval Times one year for Christmas, got tickets to Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Ripley’s Believe it or not. Depending on budget you could probably find 1 a month. There are also community college classes – a character in one series – don’t remember which one – got a bunch of different classes for a partner/spouse who had everything. Helicopter rides, circus… Experiences are definitely the way to go.
    The other thing DH and I do is give permission for the other to get something. One year I got an ipod and he got a gps. This year, I got a waterproof ipod shuffle for swimming and he got heated gloves for his motorcycle.

  13. Mary


    What about tickets to somewhere or some event he would really like to go to, coupled with a dinner and hotel room? Is there somewhere he has always wanted to go or something he has always wanted to do?

  14. Veronica

    Hi Andrew ,
    My husband is the same , so years ago I decide to buy him things that I think he likes and need. Confusing? well, my darling husband is loosing his vision and he loves soccer. So I bought him a huge TV so he can see the ball better. He is over the moon with it. This year I bought him a new computer screen , the biggest I could find, He loves his internet. We live in Australia but he really like Wine from our Country , so, I ordered wine from Chile as a present. Think of the things Dominic loves the most (apart from you) and work around it 🙂

  15. Tracey Kugel

    I love the experience of the truffle farm and cooking class. I also liked the idea of a teaching situation around his problem dish is great although it might be hard. You two love spas and have gone to Hershey so a massage a month maybe? What about music? A box set or concert tickets. A good bottle of his favorite red wine.

  16. Lee Rowan

    Well, there’s always the “wrap yourself in shiny paper with nothing underneath…” idea. With maybe a favorite meal catered in, or dinner out.

  17. Yvonne B.

    Maybe a food tour (like going to the wineries out in Napa) that would include places within a driving distance y’all are comfortable driving?

  18. Steven S.

    Print up 12 fancy cards (coupons). On each one list something romantic, sweet, or helpful. Such as a back rub or total body massage (to be done by you), his favorite breakfast, his favorite dinner place, a night at a game with pizza and beer, wash and vacuum his car, etc. Each month he can redeem a coupon of his choice and you can fulfill his wish.

    I hope you both have a wonderful holiday season! Love your books!

  19. Cathy

    How about naming a star after him? http://www.Starregister.org76GZ


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