Late Summer

I love this time of year.  For us in Central PA, its still warm, but the worst of the summer heat has broken and we start to get outside once again instead of spending our days in air conditioning.  There is one thing that I always lament this time of the year and that’s the fact that pool season is coming to an end.

When Dominic and I bought our house, it had a pool.  We never really thought much about having one, but it came with the house so we learned.  Boy did we learn.  Rolls eyes.  We have a lot of fun, but they are a good deal of work as well.    The pool that we have was built in the early fifties.  So this summer, Dominic and I had it removated.  That project still isn’t quite completed yet, but we are able to use the pool again.  It look great and we’re very happy with it.  But of course everything will be done in time for us to close the pool for the winter.

At that point I know Dominic will be looking forward to spring

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  1. Inge

    I love Fall and Spring too. Andrew I have all your books lol but the Farm Series is my
    favored one and Love comes Silently . I just finished the Farm series again are you
    writing a follow up would be nice to know what happen to all the loving character .
    Big thank you to you for given us such love in your books.❤️Hugzzzzz from a Fan of yours Inge


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