A Tidbit of Love


“Billy I need you to work tonight,” Darryl said as his partner came into the kitchen of their restaurant.

“I will, but why? We have plenty of people scheduled and I have an appointment this afternoon I can’t miss the boys are coming over,” Billy told him with a very disappointed expression. “I suppose I could cancel, but what’s the problem?”

“Maria just called in. Her kids have the flu and she needs to stay home.” Darryl sighed, the joys of running a restaurant.

“I already knew that. Sebastian is coming in tonight to fill in and I’m leaving in half an hour. Robert has some sort of Bar Association thing and Sebastian wanted an excuse not to have to go.” Billy gave him look like the two of them had cooked up the excuse together. They were always cooking up something together and at times Darryl lived in fear of what they were going to come up with.

“All right. I should have known the two of you would have it covered.”

“Of course we did,” Billy quipped before giving him a quick kiss and then heading through the kitchen doors to the dining room. His life hadn’t been the same since the day he’d taken a chance and given a job to the little spitfire who’d now been his partner for almost four years. Darryl went back to work and an hour later, Billy came in the kitchen taking off his uniform, getting ready to leave, “Remember we have the boys tonight,” Billy told him and Darryl nodded his head. He’d already told him that.

“I know. I have the evening off so we’re all good. I’ll see you at home in a few hours.” Darryl barely looked up from his work and called out the next orders that came in.

Two hours flew by fast and his relief came in, so Darryl made sure everything was ready and left the restaurant heading home. He was already tired and he loved Davey and Donny to bits, he was so tired and they always had so much energy, he wasn’t quite sure how he was going to make it through the evening without collapsing.

Darryl pulled open the front door and expected to step in chaos, but the house was quiet. “Billy,” he called.

“I’m in here,” he heard from the kitchen in the back of the house.

“Where are the boys?” Darryl asked as he stepped through the door and was surrounded by the scent of heaven.

“They’re at home,” Billy told him with a smile. “Happy anniversary.” Darryl stood completely stunned. “Four years ago today you took pity on me and gave me a job at the restaurant.”

“And my life has never been the same,” Darryl said with a smile.

“I should hope not,” Billy said with mock indignation. “It’s better than you ever dreamed and you know it.” Billy squealed as Darryl slid his arms around Billy’s waist, pressing his chest to his back.

“Yes it is,” Darryl agreed. “Better than I ever hoped. Who would have thought giving someone else a job would give me the love of a lifetime.” He sucked lightly on Billy’s ear for a few seconds before nuzzling Billy’s neck until the smells in the room had his stomach growling. “What are you making?”

“I got a pork roast that’s in the oven and I made mashed potatoes with carrots and salad. Nothing fancy, but just what you like.” Billy squirmed against him. “Maureen sent home some special dessert for later, or maybe after.”

“After what?” Darryl asked coyly.

“Dessert for after dessert,” Billy turned in Darryl’s embrace, sliding his arms around Darryl’s neck. “Happy Anniversary.”

“Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.” Darryl Kissed Billy passionately. “Do you think we could have dessert first?”

Billy chuckled and took his hand, leading him toward the Kitchen door. “Dinner still has forty five minutes.”