The Resident’s Dilemma

Dr. Rory Milner is just beginning to understand what it takes to survive an ER residency. In his second year, he’s changed programs to gain additional experience. But not only does he need to manage the ins and outs of the ER, Rory also needs to navigate around his brother, a charge nurse, who feels Rory should toe his line, especially when it comes to Garth, one of the ER nurses.

As a nurse in the ER, Garth West has pretty much seen it all. But a new resident captures his attention, not only because he’s good-looking, but because Rory seems to care and really listens to the people who come into the ER. He also respects Garth and the rest of the nursing staff.

As Rory and Garth work together, they realize that a series of incidents involving botched cosmetic procedures may be related. Working together to uncover the source, they grow closer as attraction and trust grow into something deeper. Rory and Garth will need to stand together when what they find could end their careers and split them apart.