Stuck in Oz

When Jeremy and Petey’s mother died, their house was taken to pay the debts she left behind, leaving them homeless. Afraid Petey will be put in foster care, they have no one to turn to but their Uncle Milt, so they pack up Jeremy’s beat-up car and leave San Diego for Wamego, Kansas.

They arrive in the middle of a snowstorm and stop at the local diner to contact their uncle, where they meet Nate. Nate and his aunt help them contact Uncle Milt, and he agrees to help.

Jeremy and Nate hit it off quickly, but Jeremy runs when he’s made to believe their new home isn’t permanent. Nate goes after him, finds him, and convinces him that he’s wanted. However, just as Jeremy and Nate begin to trust each other, Petey’s estranged father appears and threatens to tear Jeremy’s new life and fledgling family apart.


The story takes us through a bit of a roller coaster ride and I wanted to reach into my Kindle to grab Jamey and shake some sense into him. He has such a sense of lack of his own worth that he can’t see when he is valued by others.
Andrew Grey takes us on another of his wonderful journeys into the minds of people who are hurting or damaged and helps them find a way out through the kindness of strangers.

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