Thursday’s Child

Thursday's Child

Finding a satyr caged in a carnival sideshow horrifies Travis and Cembran and forces them to make a daring rescue. A captive for decades, the wild, animalistic satyr named Vauk quickly vanishes into the wilderness on Travis and Cembran’s property in search of safety and solitude.

The next summer, Travis and Cembran invite a new friend, Trent, to attend the Bacchanal. What they don’t expect is for Trent to reach out to the abused satyr, much less for the reclusive Vauk to accept his attention. Trent forges a connection between them, and Vauk’s human side starts to emerge as he learns about the modern world. Trent teaches Vauk how to communicate, how to cloak his satyr features, and most importantly, how to love.

Those skills will be crucial for Vauk’s survival… especially when Vauk’s captors and his unknown past threaten him and everyone he loves.

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4 1/2 Stars

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