Pulling Strings – Coming September 10

Pulling Strings will release on September 10. This is a great story with plenty of heat, some action, drama, and a whole lot of heart. I really hope this story touches your heart and gets it pumping big time. It did mine!

A high-stakes case of industrial espionage ties them together, but before they can pursue their attraction, they must find out who’s pulling the strings.

Devon Donaldson doesn’t know how a folio of stolen corporate secrets found its way into his bag, and certainly can’t think of anyone who’d want to frame him. The trouble is, he has to convince Powers McPherson.

Devon’s firm hired Powers to investigate the theft of a new banking system, and so far Devon is his only lead. While Powers’s gut tells him Devon is innocent, he has no intention of letting Devon out of his sight… for more than one reason. Working together to get Devon’s life back leads to feelings far beyond cooperation. But before they can act on them, they need to find the group of thieves’ intent on ruining Devon’s reputation.

Purchase an advance copy: https://www.amazon.com/Pulling-Strings-Andrew-Grey-ebook/dp/B07RPP9STY/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=M3561ZZM9T48FJX1ET42


Devon swallowed hard. This was getting to be a circular exercise. “Then call the police. Have them check out the envelope. If I put it in there, then I must have handled it and my prints and DNA would be all over it. They aren’t, because I’ve never seen that before and I never handled it. Why someone slipped it into my bag, I have no idea, but the person you’re after isn’t me.” He glared at Powers and then held out his phone. “Go ahead, call them.” He was getting tired of this little game and just wanted it to end. “How do I know you aren’t the one after this information for yourself and this isn’t all a ruse? Marie certainly didn’t like you, so maybe you’re trying to get even somehow.”

For the first time, the confidence in Powers’s eyes wavered slightly. “You really want me to do this?”

“Yes. Go ahead. Call the police. Tell them what you found in my bag, and I’ll ask them to fingerprint the envelope. Of course, I’ll also make sure they ask you all about your business and what you’re doing here. I’m sure the Philly PD will be most grateful for civilian help.” Devon’s smirk lasted a few moments, and then he sat back when Powers didn’t take his phone.

“Let’s say I believe you,” Powers said. “I’m not saying I do. But let’s just say. Why would someone drop this into your bag?”

Devon leaned forward slightly. “I don’t know. Maybe they made a mistake, or maybe they saw you and panicked. Or maybe whoever it is knows me from work and thought I was the courier, when there was someone else they were supposed to give it to. I’m in the dark just as much as you are.” He was calming down, and his mind clicked into gear. “What I don’t understand is why anyone would do this to me. What did I do?” He leaned close, trying to get a glance at the papers. “What are those?”

Powers hesitated and then slid the papers across the table. “Specifications.”

Devon didn’t touch the pages but looked them over. “They’re the cover pages for two program specs. That’s all.” He leaned closer. “I’m not familiar with this system, but that’s all they are. There are no details or any information that could be used by anyone. I presume the meat of whatever this is, is on the drive there.” He pointed but didn’t touch it either.


Devon stood.

“Where are you going?” Powers snapped.

He glared and waved his hand toward the door. “To the bathroom. You can come with me if you want, but we’re on the second floor. I don’t think I’m going to shimmy out the window.” He was stuck until he could somehow convince Powers that he wasn’t involved in whatever was going on. Devon used the bathroom, then returned and sat back down.

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