10 Things I Learned at Authors After Dark

Ten Things I learned at Authors After Dark Savannah
1) Pecan fried chicken is worth not eating for three days
2) C.J. Ellison, Boone Brux, and Marianne Moria throw one heck of a party.
3) The best way to start an evening is with a marriage proposal.  Right BA and Julia?
4) Being nominated for a Bookie is great.  Winning kicks ass!!!!!
5) Sharing a ride to the airport with Kate Douglas was the fastest half hour cab ride ever.
6) Doing on interview with Simply Ali was so much fun.  She was great to spend time with.
7) Stella throws an amazing three day party.
8) Savannah is a town I can’t wait to visit again
9) K. C. Wells is a complete and total dear heart.
10) If you want to get noticed, wear a white tail coat to dinner.

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