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A few days after our first date, Dominic called to invite me to his apartment for a dinner party.  He wanted to reciprocate to the people who had had us over.  (The matchmakers)  I thought it wonderful.  I was asked to arrive early which I thought was sweet and we talked while he continued cooking.  The table was set beautifully for four in his small dining room.  And he nervously made sure everything was perfect.

The other guests arrived and Dominic indicated that dinner was ready.  As soon as we sat down I knew I was in trouble.  The menu was a tray of amazing cheeses served with home made focaccia.  I ate quite a bit of the bread and nibbled at a single piece of cheese.  (I didn’t want a repeat of the last time)   The mean course was a tureen.  He brought it out with great flourish and began to serve.  I took a small piece and as soon as I took the first bite, I realized what it was.  Liver.  He also had some wonderful vegetables.  I ate the liver somehow and had some vegetables with more bread, politely declining seconds.  (Who serves liver at a dinner party with a date?  Dominic that’s who?)

At the time Dominic was still working as a pastry chef, so dessert was going to be amazing. It was.  He served a crepe filled with custard cream, raspberries and bananas, topped with fresh whipped cream.  The dessert was gorgeous and I ate a little of it… along with more bread.  Being lactose intolerant really sucks sometimes.

To this day Dominic and I laugh about that dinner.  Once I did tell him I couldn’t have milk, which was shortly after that, poor Dominic was appalled and embarrassed.  Which of course he had no reason to be, but he loves people to love his food.  I also explained that I don’t eat liver at all and hate bananas.  Whenever Dominic tells this story he always says what a great meal he made and I always remind him that liver is not a good menu choice for a dinner party.  I like to think we’re both right.  The meal was wonderful even if I didn’t eat much. The food was all made with care and what would grow to love between us. That’s what mattered.

There are some lessons that we learned.  Whenever Dominic has anyone over for dinner he always asks if there is anything they can’t or don’t eat.  And LIVER is NEVER a good menu choice for a dinner party.





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  1. Tammy Roos

    LMAO!! Poor Dominic! Glad you two got that resolved and are still together. And i agree, Liver is not a good party food. I dont like it and as it turns out am allergic to it. I break out in hives. Immediately! Good thing you didn’t do that, poor Dominic would have wanted the floor to swallow hi m up. 😀 Great story. Love them all. <3

  2. Ruve

    I smiled and chuckled all through this. Poor Dominic and poor you. Of course he didn’t need to be embarrassed, it wasn’t his fault it was yours. You should have said something on the first date, that way he wouldn’t have had cheese and milk things. But that was a cute story and I bet a wonderful funny memory. Hugs to you both.

  3. JoAnn

    *smiling like a goof* Sounds like life will never be boring in your household and Dominic could be sweeter…perfect combo

  4. Muriel Campbell

    One of my first “date” memories with my to be life partner: she said she was bringing dinner. I had set the table with linens, candles, good dishes etc. So stupid was I! How could someone bring a full dinner…but I thought maybe a casserole or such. What I got was an Elby’s bag holding a sandwich. We laughed about that for years. I am glad that you and Dominic have such a good sense of humor; it is required in a partnership! Continue to take care of each other. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Laurel

    You must have liked him a lot the first time you saw him because your few first dates were rough ones. Lol. I’m glad that you never gave up you both were meant to be together.

  6. Heather

    I love the way that in spite of the best efforts and attempts to impress, human foibles come into play. What a wonderful story!

  7. Tempeste O

    Um, bad Andrew *smacks hand*
    Why didn’t you tell him you were lactose intolerant?! Naughty boy!
    Though I do have to agree on the liver! You know how small a percentage of people like liver? It’s not one of those “oh, everyone likes it” kind of things, LOL. Reminds me of my mom and her first anniversary dinner with my dad, except it was lamb she served.
    Such a sweet story!

  8. Sheila

    I so have enjoyed the stories about you and Dominic. The cooking story was the funniest. Poor you for having to be polite and poor Dominic. OMG I so hate liver and I would never serve it but I love bananas so Dominic can come make dessert for my hubby anytime. You are both very blessed. Keep writing. Oh by the way I just finished Love Means….Patience. Thank you for the wonderful story. Life is a journey, not a race to the finish and this quote is from someone but I adopted it. You take us on a journey not a race.

  9. John Inman

    I am really enjoying these anecdotes about you guys getting together. That “getting to know you” part of any relationship is always the best. We learn, we give in a little, we accept. It’s all just so romantic.

  10. Leaundra

    Yeah I can’t stand liver. My mom used to make my brother and I eat it. I hate it so much if I had nothing to eat I still wouldn’t, lol I love bananas so that would have been great, hehe. I think it’s a funny and sweet story you can always tell. I think it was sweet that he cooked for you,even if you couldn’t eat it.

  11. LeeAnn Pratt

    I agree..Liver..ewwww! Glad you got it all straightened out or where would we all be right now?..;)

  12. Stacia

    LOL I love it. Now I don’t feel so alone at what happened on some of my dates. I wish I could eat anything, don’t you Andrew? I’m loving these posts down memory lane!

  13. Denise

    Too cute, and I agree – liver *is* never a good idea for a dinner party. Though it does sound like Dominic is a fabulous cook!

  14. Susan

    How blessed you two are to have found each other! I’m really enjoying your story, and I had to ask…do you think Dominic would share that dessert recipe? It just sounds absolutely delicious!

  15. Alisa (Lee) Murphy

    LOL!! Omgosh….yeah I’m with you on the liver! My Grandpa would always try to make us kids eat it….nope, never….not gonna happen!!


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