Andrew and Dominic – Our Story – The Proposal

Dominic and I dated throughout the spring and summer.  I met his friends and he met mine.  In October it was a glorious day, warm for the month and we decided to take a walk.  Dominic had just bought a home on the south side of Milwaukee and I helped him with the improvements.  One of our favorite places to walk was Lake Park.  So we drove and parked at one and walked all the way through, over the bridges and along the rambling path.  Lake Park was designed by the same man who did Central Park in New York and it has a similar feel.

At the time, we didn’t walk hand in hand because it wasn’t necessarily safe. Anyway there is a spot with a great view over looking Lake Michigan.  The sun had come out from behind a cloud and we had stopped to look out over the water.  I went down on one knee and Dominic gasped softly.  Then I asked him to marry me.  He cried.  It was so wonderful.  Then he said yes.

There was no fanfare or even other people around.  It was just us together, looking out over the lake, happy that we were together and would be for a very long time.



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16 Responses to “Andrew and Dominic – Our Story – The Proposal”

  1. Denise Dechene

    What a beautiful memory of the start of your lives.!! My best to you and Dominic

  2. Elizabeth Noble

    What a great story! I love it.

  3. Cristina Manole

    I enjoyed every installment of your story, I could feel the love, tenderness and respect you feel fir each other and thatade me so happy for you and grateful for your willingness to share it with us.

  4. Stephanie H

    Such sweet tale. May you borh be happy together always.

  5. Tempeste

    Such a sweet moment in time! Thank you for shsring this with us, Andrew 🙂 It’s always wonderful to read about true love and real HEAs!

  6. Muriel Campbell

    Beautifully done, you. You were still very brave to do that in public at that time. Bless you both.

  7. Barbara Lampron

    That was wonderful Andrew. Many happy years together!

  8. Laurel

    I love it. How long did you think about it before you proposed? Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories with us. ❤️

  9. Fred

    How so sweet.

  10. Alisa (Lee) Murphy

    Sigh….now THAT is just so romantic…and very special just between the two of you! <3

  11. Muchelle

    Simply beautiful.

  12. Leni

    Its nice getting to know something personal about you. Lovely story , look forward to more

  13. Susan

    I love these vignettes, and coincidentally, my niece just visited that castle in Germany two days ago!

  14. Sean Michael

    Thanks so much for sharing so generously of your and Dominic’s story. The world needs more real life happy endings 🙂

  15. Kim Sanders

    Ok I got teary eyed. It was simple , sweet and romantic.


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