Baltimore Book Fair

This past weekend I attended the Baltimore Book Fair as part of the Maryland Romance Writers and I had a lot of fun.  I talked with some amazing authors, including Carrie Ann Ryan, Ginger Sharp, Jennifer Armentrout, and Laura Kaye, met some new readers which is always awesome, and took part in a number of panels including diversity, romantic suspense, and young adult.  I also did a new word of the while I was there, with Federal Hill in the background.  (If you watch look for the flag.  It took me a few seconds to get what was different.  It has 15 stars and stripes.)

On Friday and Saturday evening, a number of us went out to dinner.  Each night it was entertaining.  The company was awesome, even if the food tended to fall flat, or the drinks got spilled on the floor.  And I learned that with enough steak sauce a steak that resembles show leather can be eaten if you’re hungry enough.  (Though frigid mashed potatoes are just nasty.)

The BBF is a great event and I hope to see all of you there next year.




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