Christmas with Andrew

I write blog posts all the time and sometimes I forget to write on my own blog.  So I decided to write a post about Christmas with Andrew.  Dominic is amazing and he cooks all kinds of Christmas goodies including cookies and fruitcake.  He also does all the food for our huge holiday open house.  He is an amazing man and I’m lucky to have him in my life.

TreeMy contribution to the festivities are the decorations.  I put up three trees, decorate the mantle, and the house.  I love lights and if Dominic would let me I swear I’d be one of those people with every light up decoration possible spread across the lawn.  So I keep my lights confined to the trees.  Our main tree had nearly 2000 lights and hundreds of birds.  Because the rule mantle 2014for me is that if you can’t reads by the tree, there aren’t enough lights.

There are two other trees in the house, one with gold lights and angels.  That tree is on a stands that makes the tree turn, so its always changing.  The other is a small tree with red, white and green lights that we hang family and special ornaments that are special to us.

I also decorate the fireplace mantle, and yes, I include lights.  The feather trees came form a florist friend who brought them over to see if I’d like them and I use them every year.  I just love how soft and delicate they are.  This year I left the tall, bronze candle holders on the mantle mainly because they have a bird motif, but also because I just love them.

Christmas for Dominic and I is very much a time with family and friends.  While I love presents, just as Dominic, the holidays have become so much more than gifts for me.  Its a time to catch up with people we don’t get to see al that often and to spend a little quiet time with my family.  I hope the holiday season is everything you hope.

Merry Christmas to All!

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