Christmas with Andrew

ParlorThe holidays are always a big thing for Dominic and I.  We spend the holiday with my family in Baltimore.  So we are never home.  Therefore around our house the big day is the second Saturday in December.  (Which is today)  That’s the day Dominic and I have our holiday open house.  We invite family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, everyone we know to spend the evening with us and share some holiday cheer.  This is Dominic’s big night.  He’s spent the entire week cooking up goodies that I get only one time a year.  He makes at least a dozen different cookies, meatballs in a cream caper sauce, mushroom and liver pate, a savory cheesecake, dips and home made pita chips, his special fruitcake which is what fruitcake is supposed to taste like.  For us, this gathering is special.Banister

As a result, I have spent the last two weeks decorating the house.  There is garland up the staircase, four Christmas trees, one that turns, and a decorated mantle and dining room.  I even got my butt outside in the cold to put lights in the front of the house.  Soon special friends will join us to ring in the holidays.  Dominic’s punch, wine, food, all the best things in life, will flow through the house.

Both Dominic and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the best of holiday seasons!



11 Responses to “Christmas with Andrew”

  1. Roger

    A very blessed holiday to you and yours. Everything there sounds so magical..

  2. Valerie DeGeorge

    Thank you so much for sharing your story your him is beautiful wishing you and Dominic a very Nerry Christmas and Happy Healthy New Year

  3. Laurel Looney

    I hope you have a wonderful day and an amazing Christmas.

  4. Donna Proffitt

    Your decorations are beautiful. Wishing you and Dominic all the best! Happy Holidays!

  5. Roni Denholtz

    A very Merry Christmas to you and Dominic! The house looks beautiful! And everything sounds delicious. The blog wouldn’t tae my website so I put in another one.

  6. Bonnie

    I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas. It sounds like it will be magical.

  7. Katrina

    Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas & New Year……I’ve seen your house & your neighborhood, you shouldn’t cut your fans short by not publishing pictures of your gorgeous manicured lawn & spectacular decorations outside.

  8. Rosie M

    Now I see where some inspiration came from for A Present in Swaddling Clothes. I love that short story and read it often. Thanks for sharing with us 😀

  9. Karen schofield ....UK

    Happy holidays.. merry christmas..feliz navidad from my family and friends……..have an amazing time xx

  10. Tempeste O'Riley

    So glad you can have such wonderful get together! I’ve loved watching you post as you set up each area. Best wishes for the season, new year, and on having a fab party!

  11. Nico de Lange

    Hi Andrew & Dominic,

    I just want to add my own holiday greetings as well. May you have a blessed Christmas & may the new year bring you only more of the happiness that show so clearly in Andrew’s work.

    And I hope you’ll not be offended if I add “Goddess’ love & blessings upon your household during this Yuletide”.


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