My Conference Odyssey – Close to the End

Hello from wonderful, energetic New York City.  I am nearing the end of my three week conference odyssey that started about three weeks ago in Munich.  I am at the RWA National Conference.  The previous conferences in Munich and Tampa were reader conventions.  This one is most definitely centered on craft.  I have met some amazing authors. I set next to Amelia Grey and near Patience Griffith at the literacy signing.  I got a signed book for my mother form Robyn Carr.  I have attended workshops on building sexual tension and writing Killer Romantic Suspense.  It’s been really awesome.  I’ve also had some amazing food and I attended the Kiss of Death Daphne awards with my friend Hope who was a finalist.  I have to say the Death by Chocolate buffet, was only mildly ill by chocolate rather than death, but it was still a nice evening.

Today I have a number of other workshops on my schedule and I really hope to learn some new skills that will help make my work more exciting and engaging.

I leave New York first thing tomorrow morning because I’m attending the Kiss and Tell signing event in Harrisburg.  Then my odyssey will be complete and I can spend some time home with Dominic.  Now that’s the best reward I can think of.

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