My Garden

Over the years one of the things I have done at each house Dominic and I have owned is garden.  At the house we currently have, there is a side garden tucked between two retaining walls.  When we moved in, I designed the layout of the plants, cleared the entire space, and planted all of the shrubs, perennials and even added statuary and a fountain.

That was only the beginning.  Dominic and I spent many weekends cutting out overgrown shrubs, small trees, overgrown bushes.  Then we replanted the front yard and finally the back.  For the three years it took me to replant the yard, I was in gardening heaven.  Unfortunately over the past few years I haven’t had the time to garden as much as I like, but I am happy when I’m up to my arms in dirt and plants.


10 Responses to “My Garden”

  1. Stacia

    That’s a beautiful little garden. I needs a bench. I could sit there for hours and read.

    • Joyce Baker

      Stacia, great minds, I came to make the same comment as you have. I kept looking for a bench, wrought iron, with or without a back sited opposite the fountain. Remember, Andrew, you asked.

      A lovely garden.

      • Joyce

        Andrew, after looking at the garden again, how do you feel about two benches, with backs, back to back in the center of the garden? You have to have a/2 benches. 🙂

  2. LeeAnn Pratt

    Beautiful Andrew. Last year I finally got a swing for my backyard and I LOVE sitting on it and rading. This looks like a beautiful place to read 🙂

    • LeeAnn Pratt

      oops..reading…not rading..what is rading anyway? Is that like saying “Oh the is so radical” all the time?..haha

    • Andrew Grey

      Thank you so much. I love to sit in it and relax. For Christmas this year Dominic got me a porch swing. So that may well become a favorite reading spot this summer

  3. Laura

    A swing would be lovely it’s beautiful Andrew

  4. Andrew Grey

    Thank you so much. I have a porch swing that I just got form Dominic. I can’t wait for warm weather.

  5. Joyce Baker

    A porch swing is the best thing for releasing stress. I can feel the stress leave my body as I push the swing with my feet and let go. Best wishes for many days of “swinging.”

  6. Sheila

    Andrew I love your garden but I am such a busy person I am looking for the color and the vegetable section and the herb section. I love the idea of a porch swing. Good job Dominic. You need to take the time to smell the roses. Us as your fans will wait with bated breath for your next book. What is your favorite way to spend a day with Dominic after 20 years? and what day of the week do you reserve for you and Dominic? Where is the fairy garden. I collect fairies and my favorite is my Pansy who is over 24 inches long sitting on a piller reading a book. Great huh. She is made of stone and has a flower petal opened and sitting on her head with wings. Neutral color of off white. You need to have some garden fun stuff peaking out at you. lol I know now who is going to take care of all this and write books also. I just wish I could still garden but injuries do not allow this anymore. sheila


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