Got Crabs

I’m at Coastal Magic in Daytona and last night for dinner I went to Joe’s Crab Shack with three amazing ladies.  It was so much fun.  We talked and laughed the entire evening.  I told stories, they shared jokes. I told them all about seventies night on the cruise ship where the fitness center staff played the Village People.  That will definitely get the heart racing.  I also shared Cards Against Humanity nursery rhymes.   We made bad crab puns and innuendo for most of the evening as evidenced by the pictures below.  By the time our meal was over my sides hurt.  I didn’t get crabs and I’ve never had crabs before.  🙂  But I will definitely go back to check on the crabs with these ladies.

I did however order a surf and turf and after 2 tries, one with shoe leather beef and the other with a raw steak, I gave up and had a salad.  The shrimp was excellent.  But the most amazing part of the evening was the company.  We laughed for hours and then when it was time to go, a monsoon had moved in on us and we had 1 umbrella.  We huddled under the thing as best we could and made our was back to the hotel.  We still got soaked, but who really cared?  After and evening like that a little water didn’t phase anything.

I considered getting Dominic a t-shirt that said I got Crabs at Joe’s Crab Shack, but they didn’t have what I wanted.  It was okay though because Dominic didn’t get crabs, but I sat with the ladies who did.  What a hoot!  If this sets the tone for this convention, we’re in for some amazing fun.


Crab shack CrabShack 1





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  1. Lisa Guertin

    We had so much fun. Thank you for making the evening a blast and for sharing my umbrella. And to clarify, I had lobster, not crab. Melinda was the only one with crabs last night.


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