What I Just Wrote

I am working on the follow up story to Day and Knight for Dirk Greyson.  Day and Knight releases May 4 and Dirk is currently writing the follow up.  I thought I would share a snippet of what I just wrote as a teaser and to bring you into the fun.  There are times when writing can be difficult and there are days like today when its a joy.

“Good god, you’re so much of an asshole that you don’t even realize when you’re being an asshole.”  Dayton’s voice echoed off the acres of concrete in the parking structure.   Knight just looked at him.  “Where do you want me to start?  You ignored me the entire flight home, only grunted at the poor flight attendant, who I don’t think speaks fluent gorilla.    You said nothing when I got your bag for you or when I stopped to help you just now.  It’s like you’re in another world of assholeness and I don’t understand why I have anything to with you at all.”


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