Stories and Television

I was just watching a show about Filo Farnsworth and in case you don’t know, he’s the man who invented television and believe it or not, he never made a dime on it.  In essence this invention which for most of us is part of our daily life, was stolen him by the man who ran RCA.  It really pissed me off.  But it also got me thinking, I was watching the program about Farnsworth on a television, at least a descendant of the television he invented.  That got me thinking about how television has affected the stories we want to read and in my case write.

I watch different kinds of shows throughout the year.  At the holidays I end up watching the Hallmark Channel and all their schmaltzy movies.  I end up going through a ton of tissues.  Lately I’ve been watching Ovation, The national Geographic Channel and I’ve also been watching American Ninja Warriors for the eye candy.  I get ideas all the time form the things I watch on television and I have written many books inspired by what I’ve seen.

What shows or networks have you been watching lately?  Let me know and while your at it, be sure to think of Filo Farnsworth and his invention that made the hours we spend in front of the book tube possible.

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