#ThrowbackThursday Book Blitz: Drawn Together by ZA Maxfield

Five things you might not know about Drawn Together:


  1. I had absolutely no idea there was ever a television show by the same name. At one point a friend of mine said if you want to write, stop watching television. I tried it. Didn’t watch so much as a commercial for several years!
  1. I have mentioned this, but the entire story of Drawn Together came to me while I waited in Line for Anime Expo in Long Beach.
  1. Yamane is one of my favorite characters. He’s a little magical. I would not write this book today. It’s problematic for a lot of reasons. Yet it’s also warm, and tender hearted and people have loved it. I didn’t change a thing.
  1. For Drawn Together, I took my favorite type of film, the road trip, and put a crazy cast of characters in it. I couldn’t begin to synopsize it, so I sent the book to Loose Id with an apologetic note. Because we had a relationship, my editor didn’t have me arrested. I told her, “I don’t even know what that book is, man.”

My editor called it a romp.

  1. For the entirety of the book, I tease readers with the mystery of Rory’s middle name. The name itself is never mentioned. Now I can’t remember what I thought it was, and all my notes are lost!

Title:  Drawn Together

Author: ZA Maxfield

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: June 20, 2016

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 272 Pages

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Yaoi


306946931Re-release of bestselling 2009 novel —

What happens when Rory travels halfway across the country to meet the girl of his dreams? Certainly not what he expected…

Rory’s just be a simple southern boy from St. Antoine’s Parish, Louisiana, but he knows what he wants — the girl of his dreams, reclusive and mysterious artist Ran Yamane. He’s loved her since junior high school, and now he has the chance to meet her. He chucks everything and travels 1,500 miles to Anime Expo in Long Beach just so he can tell her. He’s determined that nothing and nobody are going to stand in his way.

Turns out, Ran Yamane isn’t a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload. He’s trusted fans in the past and paid the price. So when he meets Rory he is understandably wary, but resigned. He isn’t prepared for his magnetic attraction to the young man, Rory’s apparent willingness to overlook his gender, and the chaos that ensues when his number one fan (and psycho stalker) shows up to get revenge.


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Meet the Author


Z.A. Maxfield started writing in 2007 on a dare from her children and never looked back. Pathologically disorganized, and perennially optimistic, she writes as much as she can, reads as much as she dares, and enjoys her time with family and friends. Three things reverberate throughout all her stories: Unconditional love, redemption, and the belief that miracles happen when we least expect them.

If anyone asks her how a wife and mother of four can find time for a writing career, she’ll answer, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you give up housework.”


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