Our Weddding – Take 1

In honor of marriage equality on Pennsylvania, I wanted to share a brief story.  In 1996 Dominic and I had a commitment ceremony.  We both figured it was as close to a wedding as either of us were going to get in our lifetimes.  We had 60 guests and the ceremony was held in the back yard of our house and our neighbors.  Both Dominic’s and my parents attended as did our brothers and sisters.  The support we received was unbelievable.  We had coworkers and even my boss at the time and his wife.  It was a lovely summer day and very special.  Dominic and I have worn rights and considered ourselves married since that day.  That was our true wedding regardless of what the law said and that’s what had always been important to both of us.  So here are some pictures from that very special day for both of us.


Wedding 1     wedding 2


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  1. Taryn


  2. Jaime Samms

    You are both so handsome. Turns out you guys have been married a year longer than Hubs and I. We were married in August of ’97. Yet another testament that love that lasts doesn’t see gender, it only sees the stars in our eyes and helps us reach them.

  3. Tammy Roos

    Nice pics! 🙂 How long have you two been together?

  4. Tempeste O'Riley

    Such sweet pics, Andrew! You two are always so cute together. Thank you for sharing your story and your special day with us. Oh, and congratulations on living is a state that will finally do right by you and Dom’s love!

  5. Heather

    Congratulations! I’ve been to similar celebrations for friends. I’m also grateful that those who live in PA, my home state, are finally entitled to the same spousal protection they should always have had.
    Congratulations on making it for so long. DH and I are looking at our 21st wedding anniversary and 24 years together total and it takes a lot of work and commitment.

  6. Laurel

    I will continue to pray that your life will be filled with love and happiness.

  7. Kathie

    I look for the next installment of your love story everyday. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Barbara Lampron

    Those are wonderful pictures of you two. Happy.

  9. Donna

    Wonderful pictures! Seeing people together, happy, loving, and liking each other warms my heart. Best wishes for many more years of continued happy togetherness.

  10. Andrew Grey

    Thank you all so much. 🙂

  11. N.J. Nielsen

    Beautiful pictures to go along with the love story of two beautiful people.

  12. Annalisa

    what a beautiful picture of you both, as happy there as your wedding photos last year. xx

  13. Linda

    Lovely photos

  14. Ruve

    Aww thank you for sharing that with us. Very Lovely pictures. Hugs to you and Dominic.

  15. Muriel Campbell

    Absolutely beautiful! You two were so lucky to find each other.

  16. Alisa (Lee) Murphy

    Ohhh how beautiful!! The love just shines through you both!!


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